March 2011 Treasures Found

I have begun a new form of treasure hunting that is turning into an interesting little side business for me. I wish I could elegantly call it Urban Treasure Hunting but I suppose “going to auctions and yard sales” is a better description. Here are the two big finds for the month:

Apple iPod Nano 8GB Graphite 6th Gen: Got this in a storage auction where I purchased a single box for $20. The box had a few good items including a bread maker worth about $30 or $40 so I easily got my money back right there. This little beauty was also in the box, brand new still in the wrapping, and I turned around and sold it on Ebay for $120.00. Turned out to be a decent profit!

2006 African American Holiday Barbie by Bob Mackie: Picked up this Barbie at a yard sale for $5.00. She was willing to take $3 but since I already knew how much it was worth, I gave her the full $5. I then flipped it on Ebay for $51.00! I learned an interesting fact with this item: The ethnic Barbies in this series tend to command a higher premium and seem to be less common. That means more money in the long run!

So keep your eyes peeled the next time you are browsing yard sales, flea markets, and auctions because you just never know when you will get a great bargain treasure!

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