Top 10 Best Metal Detectors for Beginners 2013

The novice treasure hunter should be properly equipped in order to have the right kind of experience to keep them coming back. This is a list of the 10 best metal detectors for the beginner (i.e. under $300) factoring in price, quality,  reviews, and experience. Keep in mind these are all low end metal detectors which don’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. If you give them a chance and learn your machine well,  you will have plenty of success and more fun! So let’s start off with what we believe are the best detectors for a new treasure hunter and the average price you can find them for.

1) Fisher F2 ($215)

2) Tesoro Silver uMax ($240)

3) Garrett Ace 250 ($215)

4) Tesoro Compadre ($150)

5) Garrett Ace 150 ($155)

6) Teknetics Alpha 2000 ($200)

7) Whites Classic 4 ($290)

8) Bounty Hunter Tracker IV ($100)

9) Titan 1000 ($200)

10) Bounty Hunter Quicksilver ($90)

This list is in an order created by me and reflects only my personal opinion which could vary from those of others. The top 3 on this list are the most recommended beginner metal detectors in every forum and review I read. Good luck with your first detector! Let me know if you recommend a change to the Top 10 Best Metal Detectors for Beginners.


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