Top 5 Detecting Accessories of 2014


Let’s face it, metal detecting comes with a lot of options. To get the best performance, you need the best accessories and gear when you are out on a hunt. Here are few that came onto my radar as being highly rated products that won’t let you down in the field.

garret-pinpointer1) Garret Pointer ($127)

This top selling pointer is a must have accessory in 2014 with a five star rating on Amazon. Has both audible and vibrating alarms that intensify as it gets closer to a target.





2) Garrett Metal Detector Metal Sand Scoop ($37)

This rugged metal construction scoop allows sediment to be easily sifted when you are out combing the beaches.




garret-digger-pouch3) Garrett Digger’s Pouch Camo ($13)

Awesome digital camo pouch for keeping your trash and treasure. If you are like me, you hate trying to get the dirt and sand out of your pockets after a day of detecting — simply use a pouch and that’s not even a problem.




garrett-edge-digger4) Garrett Edge Digger w/ Sheath ($36)

Digging isn’t always easy. This digger can get through hard dirt and roots so you can get to the treasure others left behind.




garmin-foretrex-401-gps5) Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS ($168)

Start keeping track of those old homesteads and civil war camps you come across in the middle of the woods. Nothing worse than finding a honey hole, and then not being able to find it again!

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