How to manage and prevent homework stress 

The available report shows that a substantial number of students fail to submit homework on time while others don’t do it at all. The trend happening all over the world has become a cause for worry for both teachers and parents alike. They seem lost in the situation and are trying to find out why this is happening but with no concrete answers. 

But relying on the findings of various research about homework, some students are naturally unwilling to do any academic work after school hours. Another significant factor contributing to this is what is known as homework stress. If you also find yourself in such a situation, feel free to look for WileyPLUS homework answers online.

Most students complain of stress and other related health condition resulting from long hours of study and having to do homework. With the rising level of cases, it is worth discussing, and that is the purpose of this article. We will go through some causes of homework stress and ways to manage it. 

Causes of homework stress 

  • Too much homework

Some teachers keep flouting the homework rules of 10 minutes per grade by assigning long hours of home tasks. This overwhelms students; hence, they fail to do them or submit them on time. 

  • Doing different homework at a time

On an average day, every subject teacher would want to test students’ understanding of a topic taught in class. Meaning if there are four lessons daily students will end up having four assignments to do. Most of these assignments come with the same submission date. This puts them into stress having to switch their mind from one subject to the other within a short period.

  • Lack of proper time management 

Some students are unable to set rules and periods for their daily activities. But can we blame them as many adults also lack that skill? With a lack of proper time management, students try to multi-task, switching the brain from one activity to the other. The situation becomes worse when they have homework to submit. 

  • No time to socialize and engage in hobbies

Imagine bringing work from the office every day as an adult. Turning the home into an office extension would inevitably affect some aspects of your life. This is the situation of most students, as they continuously have to replace social activities like sports with homework. 

Ways to avoid or manage homework stress

  • Start your homework early: some students wait until deep into the night to do their homework. It is a wrong practice and can affect your sleep. The best way is to do your assignment as early as possible to have enough time to spare. 
  • Break your assignments down: If you have two or more assignments to do, break them down into smaller parts according to their deadline. Set a time for each one and make sure you work according to the deadline.
  • Engage in social activities: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You should have time to engage in other social activities even if you have homework to do. It is achievable when you manage your time well. 
  • Have a good sleep: After a long day, the best thing you can do for yourself is to have enough rest. A good sleep reset the body to normalcy, and you will wake up fully energized and poised for the day’s work. 

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